Premium Inspection Services

Home Inspection

Complete home inspection including major appliances, roof, and foundation. I am a fully certified inspector and follow InterNACHI Standards of Practice. My inspections generally take 3 hours on average and will offer a full report on the current conditions of the property.

Single Family Home

$375 base price. Call for pricing over 2000 sq. ft.


Condo & Townhome

$325 base price. Call for pricing over 2000 sq. ft.

Radon Testing

A continuous radon monitor will be placed in the lowest livable level of the home for a minimum of 48 hours to produce an accurate average radon level. Results are instant upon picking up the radon monitor. Free quotes for radon mitigation should the test show high results. I am NRPP Certified.

Standard 48 hour test


Extended test

$50 per day

Sewer Scope

Sewer line scope can determine if the line needs a clean-out or possibly line replacement. These factors are based on piping materials, conditions, breaks, and intrusions. 


Standard Scope




Upgraded Toilet Access 


Mold Testing

Testing for mold is an important step in keeping a home clean and safe along with promoting good indoor air quality. Mold is everywhere and determining if there are elevated spores is done through air sampling. Call or schedule today for a mold inspection and testing to ensure your home has healthy indoor air.

Standard Testing


Well Water Quality Testing

 We perform water testing for nitrates, metals,  and coliform to insure your new homes private wells water supply if safe.  This often needs to be done for VA loans on private wells. Please contact us for more information.

Standard Testing


Well Water Flow Test

We perform flow testing to verify the private wells components are operational. This is a 2 hour flow and volume test of the entire well system. Please contact us for more information.


Standard Testing